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EnviroStat Field Sampling Audits
Sampling audits are designed to detect, measure, and reduce error in sample collection. Collecting a representative sample is more than selecting the right jars and tools.

As part of our audits we:

  • Review existing sampling practices
  • Recommend improvements to sampling practices
  • Evaluate sampling contractors
  • Determine compliance with your internal sampling protocols
  • Determine consistency with generally accepted sampling protocols

Audit services can include review of:

  • Chain of Custody
  • Selection of sample containers
  • Selection of sampling tools
  • Random start point determination
  • Correct use of sampling tool
  • Decontamination of sampling tools
  • Adequate quality control samples
  • Sample mass for representativeness
  • Sample type (grab, composite)

Contact EnviroStat, Inc. to begin your customized field sampling or laboratory subsampling audit. chuck@envirostat.org. 970-689-5700