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It's rarely discreet
When you're out on the street
So your time is misspent
To not multi-increment

Richard Palmer

There once was a tank in the ground
When removed, some stained soil was found
When asked for the size
Of the hot spot - the prize
The discussion just went round and round

Richard Palmer

Many sites were sampled that contained some TNT,
RDX and HMX - still others DNT.
Very heterogeneous were these explosives as they lay,
Differing by ten times ten, though two short feet away.

Statistical calculations proved conclusive, did they not?
That sampling error far exceeded analytical by a lot!
Thus our recommendations to improve the sampling scheme,
Are simple and effective and are not at all extreme:

Build your sample with as many increments as you can,
Process them completely or you've wrecked the perfect plan,
Include some replication to assess how well you've done;
Your results will be as dependable as the rising of the sun.

Jane G. Mason

The whole site is clean
Change decision unit size
New problems arise

Richard Palmer

Trailer for the short film In the Presence of Monsters
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