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For training/publications/CDs on RCRA regulations, contact McCoy and Associates, Inc. www.mccoyseminars.com

APPL, Inc., is an accredited full service analytical laboratory that has the equipment and capability necessary to perform sample processing including grinding, splitting, and subsampling www.applinc.com

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) Technical Reports click here

TOS forum is a new publication serving the sampling community, providing a communications platform for all interested in the theory and practice of representative sampling and blending www.impublications.com/tos-forum

Hawaii Department of Health has more guidance than any other organization on the implementation of MULTI INCREMENT Sampling www.hawaiidoh.org/tgm.aspx

Recent open access papers by Charles Ramsey click here

Guidance On Obtaining Defensible Samples (GOODSamples) www.aafco.org/Portals/0/SiteContent/Publications/GOODSamples.pdf

9th World Conference on Sampling and Blending, May 6-9, 2019, Beijing International Convention Center, China  www.wcsb9.com

Guidance On Obtaining Defensible Test Portions (GOOD Test Portions) www.aafco.org/Portals/0/SiteContent/Publications/GoodTP_final_web.pdf?v2

A rotary riffler for selection of small test portions www.quantachrome.com/r_sampling/rotary_riffler.html

Sampling Systems Ltd. Wide range of sampling tools including hard to find equipment www.sampling.com/index.html